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Image by Tohtli Olvera Estes from December 2021

Have you ever had a plan that you were incredibly excited about, but then had to completely change due to events that happened in your life?

What did you do?

How did you pivot?

Have you gotten back on track yet or did the plan dead end? 

Note: You can still pick it back up even years later. Perhaps it is just waiting for you.

Here is my 2022 Update: the story of the plans that I had last year, what happened to make me shelve them and the future trajectory of Mother Makings. I have been mulling over this blog post/series for several months now. Once again I have been reminded that progress is more important than perfection, so it is time to get it done and share it with you.

So, what is all of this about? 

Last year, I made some amazing plans to take Mother Makings to the next level and then… I got pregnant!

That changed everything! I was sicker than I had ever been with any of my previous pregnancies. So sick that I was barely able to think about regular everyday Mom things like meals or housework, much less my business. I took a break and that is where I have been.

This next series of blog posts will get into all of the things that I started, and set aside, last year as well as what I was actually concentrating on.

After writing some about last year, I now realize that this blog update has become so unwieldy that I will be breaking it up into bite sized pieces. 

First, I will tell you an overview of the things that were planned (and stopped!) in 2021, and what I was actually doing. I will publish a separate post for each subject and finally tell you what I am doing this year.

In the early days of staying home with my first two boys, as I began creating Mother Makings it really helped me to read the messy stories of other bloggers and mompreneurs. That is what I want to give you. 

This is the story of the messy and challenging year when I found myself pregnant once more and how I handled it the best that I could.

Here is a handy guide so that you can skip to the parts of my story that you find interesting. I will link to them as soon as I publish each section.

What I planned, and then had to shelve, in 2021:

  • Fathom Analytics
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Profit First
  • Blog Posts about our Tallow Products
  • Newsletters
  • Tizzit Roadmap
  • 31 Days To Build a Better Blog
  • Staples Artisan Market
  • Selling my products locally Wholesale
  • WooCommerce Shop on Website
  • Tallow Products

What I actually did in 2021:



  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Advanced Maternal Age
  • High Risk Home Births 

Early 2022:


That is what I started, and set aside, last year while I was pregnant. In the coming blog posts I will go into more detail and explain their importance – to Mother Makings and you. As you read them remember progress, not perfection, is what gets you forward in life.

What have you started and had to put aside in your life? Have you picked it back up yet?

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