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About Maggie Estes – Founder of Mother Makings & Mama Magpie MC

Hey, I’m Maggie! I am a Mom, a Mompreneur, a Creator, a scrappy DIYer and a Magical Manifestor! 


My Journey to Transformation

In 2022, I was sick and tired of being mediocre and only awesome in a twinkling and set myself on the path to recreate Mother Makings in a way that worked better for myself and my newly increased family. 

This path put me in the position to finally help Moms the way that I had envisioned back in 2016 at local Asheville Farmers Markets with my two precocious , high energy boys running amok around me.

I began pivoting Mother Makings from a handcrafted product based business to one that focuses on digital products, 1:1 coaching and digital courses.


The Turning Point & Pivot

What was the turning point for me in 2022?

The birth of my third (and last) surprise son.

Just before I got pregnant with him I dreamt of doubling down on my handcrafted product sales. With plans to increase production of my amazing tallow skin care products and spiral talismans and actually get them in many more storefronts to increase my reach.

I was finally ready to scale Mother Makings and actually hire some part-time help to do it.

Well, Mama, you know that sometimes LIFE HAPPENS and all of your plans disappear in a puff of smoke and you are forced to think quickly and pivot what you are doing.

Fast forward to 2022 where, once again, I was tied close to home caring for our precious new baby. 

As space and energy was already an issue I realized that it was time for a radical change. 

A big change in our lives can cause multiple stresses that test the fabric of the things that we have built around us and what I found right away was that the handcrafted model no longer served me or my family.

And because I had only ever made enough money to support my business and my husband was the only one supporting our family I was also feeling the need to get it over with and sink or swim!

Either go ALL IN…

or GIVE UP and look for some easy online work that will drain my energy away from my passion, Mother Makings.


New Opportunities

So I asked the question “What will give me more time, money and flexibility?”


1 – My first answer to this question came from Rachel Harrison-Sund whose straightforward and easy-to-follow course, Low-Content Profits Academy, taught me how to make and publish low-content books over Amazon KDP.

From Rachel’s lessons, I was inspired to create my own Sketch Journals – which contain both lined and blank paper – pretty composition books and most importantly my business focused editorial planner, Progress NOT Perfection, which has turned me into someone who plans ahead and actually gets stuff done!


2 – The next answer came to me from Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy which is where I was inspired to create my niche brand Mama Magpie MC in order to help Moms connect with their kids through Minecraft…

A topic which lights me up and makes me sing!

Subscribe to my Mama Magpie MC YouTube channel if connecting with your kids through Minecraft lights you up too!


3 – The third answer to appear was the opportunity to become an affiliate for both of these inspiring ladies courses.

How much better can it get to… 

  • Learn something useful and actionable in order to create products for my business to help support my family 
  • Then be able to share those helpful products which will transform my audiences lives and make money doing it!

It was a no-brainer and a WIN/WIN for me and for you.


Join me on My Journey

I am still in the messy middle of this journey while I work to manifest Mompreneur magic but I invite you to join me and learn what is possible for you in the process!


Let’s Manifest Mompreneur Magic Together!

Maggie Estes Founder of Mother Makings & Mama Magpie MC