Progress not Perfection: 2022 Update

Here is my 2022 Update: the story of the plans that I had last year, what happened to make me shelve them and the future trajectory of Mother Makings. I have been mulling over this blog post/series for several months now. Once again I have been reminded that progress is more important than perfection, so it is time to get it done and share it with you.

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Persistence doing Minimum Daily Actions in the Messy Mundane Middle

Have you ever really considered that you can make a journey taking only one step at a time, even backtracking several times and going around obstacles to eventually reach your goal? Doing something you love helps you to be persistent so that you eventually get where you want to go. Small minimum daily actions over the messy, mundane middle of the journey to learn or create something new will help to get you there!

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Forging A New Path

When you are forging a new path like starting a new business or even learning something new, there are many obstacles and hardships to overcome. No matter how much you want to get done if it is only you with little support and lots to do progress is very slow. Sometimes, there is no support to be had other than ourselves and we must push on

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