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Are you interested in connecting with your kids through Minecraft? Watch (or read) my very first interview where Kim DiSilva asks me about my Minecraft passion and how it relates to my kids and my business.

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Maggie: I’m the founder of two businesses, Mother Makings which caters to moms well who want to start businesses now.

And I also have Mama Magpie MC, and I want to teach moms and women how to connect with their kids through Minecraft.

Kim: Now, many of you who have kids, you may have heard this word, Minecraft.

You might have heard of this game. Some of you may have even been… Bored to near tears when your child has gone on and on and on and on for like 10 minutes straight about something you have zero clue about, but they’re still animated and you’re just like, okay, all right, when will it end, but okay.

Maggie, please tell us about what you do with Minecraft.

Kim: I mean, just tell us about yourself.

About Maggie and her Journey to Minecraft

Maggie: I’m always practicing to get more and more streamlined about what I say, but let’s start with the fact that I am a mompreneur. I’m the founder of two businesses, Mother Makings which caters to moms well who want to start businesses now.

And I also have Mama Magpie MC, and I want to teach moms and women how to connect with their kids through Minecraft.

I ended up taking a course Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. I did her boot camp and I really dialed in on this new idea cause I was pivoting my business from handcrafted products to digital products.And what she got me to realize is that I, I have a wealth of wealth of information that I already know, and that I can share.

Kim: Yes. You do.

Maggie: One of the things I taught myself that I knew absolutely without a doubt, and I can help other people with is that I taught myself how to play Minecraft.

I I’m a non gamer mom and I, I have three boys at home. We homeschool. It’s kind of unschool style, and it’s very important for us to, for me, especially to instill in them self-directed education so that they can learn anything that they need to learn.

The Benefits of Minecraft for Learning & Engaging Your Kids

Maggie: Minecraft is just an amazing sandbox world. It’s like a big box of cool Legos.

You know, you can play anything in Minecraft. That’s why I like it, but it’s also based on the natural world.

Kim: Right.

Maggie: So that’s my favorite part about it.

Kim: Okay.

Maggie: Because you can actually, when you’re wandering around in Minecraft. You can see it looks more or less, you know, it looks, it’s a version of real life and they’ve gotten better and better at it.

And I was so into it that I had to learn how to mod Minecraft as well. I don’t know how to mod it, but I do play with mods. One day I want to make a mod that would be fun, but I’m not there yet. Mods modify the game of Minecraft. And so you could get a mod, for example, about dinosaurs for those kids who love dinosaurs or Pokemon.

Lots of kids love Pokemon.

Kim: Yes, they do.

Maggie: So yeah, it basically, it just, it enriches the Minecraft world when you play with mods. So that’s an advanced thing, but just playing basic Minecraft still gives you so much , (many) opportunities to connect with your kids. And I’ve used that. I say, okay, if you like, we’ll be in the, we’ll be taking a walk and I’ll say, all right.

If, if you were in Minecraft, what would you need to do first if we were like dropped in the middle of the woods? And we’d have a conversation about survival in Minecraft and then we’d say, okay, so in real life, what is the very most important thing that you need to do if you’re lost in the woods? So it’s, it’s been a great way to open up conversations and it’s fun.

So Yeah, I’m not sure if I answered your question or went way beyond it, but that’s what I want.

About Maggie’s Minecraft YouTube Channel Mama Magpie MC

Maggie: I started a YouTube channel, Mama Magpie MC, so that I can have these kinds of conversations and so that I can teach. I have a series called Minecraft Gems and it’s Precious Tidbits to Help You Succeed in Minecraft.

And it could work for kids or for moms. It’s the very most basic and they’re tiny little videos because I know that moms don’t have much time and so they’re under five minutes long and they just teach bits and pieces so they can at least know what’s going on. Yeah. So

Kim: I know well, Maggie and I met in a networking group and I think you, you’re kind of being referred to as the, ” the Minecraft Lady”.

Maggie: Yes. “The Minecraft Lady” is so cool.

Thoughts on Video Games & Kids + Why Minecraft

Kim: And one of the things that, that really caught my attention was that whole, that whole element of, for some, for some moms, especially when they have younger kids, like, do I even want my kids playing video games? And, you know, for them, and I should say them because I remember even in the beginning when I didn’t know anything about, you know, games, I’m like, No, I don’t really want them gaming.

But was that, I don’t know how realistic I was being when I’m like, Nope, we’re not doing any gaming at all. Right. So, for a mom or a parent who is at that stage of, do I introduce it? Do I say yes? I mean, I, I know we were also talking about, you know, you’re thinking about doing something around this, this issue as well, but

Maggie: Yeah, I’m thinking about that too.

Kim: Yeah. Do I do it? Do i?

Maggie: So I’m not about to tell, to tell any moms or, and also any women who have Minecraft loving kids. Or kids of the age in their lives because they may be aunts and maybe grandmothers, you know, I’m not, I’m not going to tell any woman that they have to do this or that this is the right thing because everyone is different and everyone has to make that choice on their own.

But I am in favor of that game over many other games because of the fact that it is like playing with blocks. Right. Yes, it could, it can lead to other video games. It’s true. But we do live in a technological world. Trying to keep kids away from tech is, I just, you know, that’s the, that’s the way that we’re going.

I think that we need to teach them how to do things with their hands as well. I come from a Maker background. I’m a, I’m a handcrafter as well. So I think that’s incredibly important, but there is a time. Yeah, there’s a time and a place for both of these things and it can be used as a fun way to connect with your kids.

That’s, that’s my goal. That’s my plan. And it’s also, it’s like, if your kids are into, I don’t know, screen time and stuff, that’s something that yeah. You know, every every person has to make a decision. Every parent has to make a decision about that. But there are some good resources out there. There’s one in particular, I’m thinking about TheGamerEducator, and they talk about screen time all the time on their channel.

And it’s actually really. It’s very enlightening. Sometime I need to talk with them. That would be a good, that would be a good collaboration. But yeah did I answer your question about that or did you, did another question come up?

Kim: Well, okay. So when you, when you help moms in this, in this process, do I have to have a gaming background?

I mean, what, what, what do I come to you with?

Maggie’s Minecraft Coaching Program

Maggie: Basically, just come to me if you have a kid who’s obsessed with Minecraft, and I just want to help you to turn that Minecraft Obsession into Connection. Ah! Ding! There’s my, there’s my tagline. I love it. No, but seriously, Like you said at the beginning when kids start talking about Minecraft the kids who are into it Oh my gosh, you just get sort of run over by it and you have no idea what’s going on And it’s so funny.

Yeah, I totally I totally changed that because I became involved in it with my kids and It’s just different when you know what’s going on when you don’t know what’s going on. Yeah, you just get bowled over by it.

Kim: I suppose what I’m really trying to, to help with is this is a game that has been around for a really long time.

I mean, my kids would even just sit and watch YouTube videos about it and I’m kind of like, well. I should probably go look for some of Maggie’s videos about Minecraft so that, you know, we’re not always hearing about Preston.

Maggie: Mm-Hmm. .

How Maggie’s YouTube Channel is Different

Maggie: Well, that’s true. I am a female. I’m a female YouTuber.

I am a Woman, Mom, Minecrafter. So I definitely, I want to bring that to the table.

that’s what I bring to it with my, with my YouTube channel is that I am a woman. I am a mompreneur and that, that I may not talk about it so much in my Minecraft videos, but you never know because that sort of permeates every level of everything.

And I just started a new series and it’s a. It’s a long play series, and I did it for me as self care, so it’s called Calm Crafting, and it is a modpack, so it’s not, it’s not the basic Minecraft, it’s an advanced thing. But it’s, it’s a lot of fun for me and it’s a way for me to relax and for me to like build a home or build a garden and go exploring and there’s nothing on the floor.

I don’t have to clean anything up except for the messes that I made. You know, it’s, so for me, it’s a, it’s like a nice creative, break and So that’s like an added bonus thing that I just started doing on my channel. So that’s like a, you know, it’s like when you, when you learn to make jewelry, for example, you start with really basic stuff, but you get inspired by the pieces that are just like way out, you know, the ones that like the masters have created.

And you’re like, Oh my God, not to say I’m a master. I, I’m not a very, I’m not a good Minecraft fighter, but, but I am a couple, you know, I’m some steps ahead.

Kim: Exactly. So, but this is exactly it, you know, we can come to you to get started on, you know, what, what is the game? How do I set up an account? How do I begin playing?

What are all these terms these kids are using? Okay, so now I have a basic understanding of the game. Now, the next step is, you know, what you do in terms of like helping people with these are the types of scenarios you can create. These are the types of conversation starters you can have with your kids.

And as we, as you pointed out, you know, towards the beginning of our conversation, you can be having a conversation about something in the game, but then relate it directly to real life and real life situations. And then it comes


Maggie: in real life and take and bring Minecraft there and all of a sudden the kids are like, oh, what Minecraft?

Oh, I got it. .

Kim: Right, exactly.

Maggie: Wait, oh, that tree

Kim: we talk to them about? Yes. Right. Yeah, exactly. Alright, so where are you? Where, where do we find you?

Maggie’s Free Resources

Kim: So I know we’re gonna put your YouTube link in one in the group, but where else you know, and. As I, as I, as we talked about before, I know you have a couple you have a couple freebies that you,

Maggie: Yes.

Kim: With different resources.

I don’t really like using that word freebies. I mean, it is what it is, but you. They are resources. They are

Maggie: free resources, free gifts.

Kim: Exactly.

Maggie: They are.

Kim: Tell us about some of them.

Maggie: So, so one of them is My Top 10 Ways to Connect with Your Kids by Playing Minecraft.


Now, now let me just say that you DO NOT have to play Minecraft in order to connect with your kids through Minecraft.

I can help women who don’t want to play the game, but who still want to connect. But in this one. In this freebie, it does explain the, the best, you know, the top 10 ways that you can connect with your kids by playing Minecraft with them.

Kim: But I also have a free 20 minute discovery call where we can talk about your Minecraft kid situation. So you can tell me what it is that you need. What it is you’re looking for, because I am creating products. I want to help moms to connect and, and if you’re not a mom and you’re an aunt or a grandmother or a babysitter or, you know, I want to help you too, or even a girlfriend, I even thought about that I could even like be connecting with you know, with a boyfriend or a husband who wants to play and you don’t know what you’re doing.

Maggie: I’m creating a coaching program. if you’re interested in something like that, we can figure it out. I do have my YouTube channel. I have an Instagram.

Mama Magpie, it’s @MamaMagpieMC and Facebook @MamaMagpieMC as well. And the MC is for Minecraft.

Live Workshop Plans for Mama Magpie MC

Maggie: Yeah, and I am working on. A handful of workshop courses the very, very 1st one is going to be a Level 0 course, and it likely is going to be about my freebies. So you’ll be able to get the freebie.

And you can read it yourself, but the workshop I’m planning to go over the freebies so that you understand better what I’m talking about. And there will be a question and answer as well. So, and possibly a worksheet or 2, because I do like to make PDFs.

Kim: It’s very very addictive.

Maggie: Yes. Yes. I am working towards creating some live question and answers (Q&A’s) every week.

So if you’re interested in something like that reach out to me about that as well.

Kim: Okay. Sounds good.

Maggie: Yeah.

Kim: Thank you very much, Maggie. This is a pleasure. I mean, we always have fun when we chat, but yes, it’s always good to hear more about what you do, especially as it pertains to helping us connect more with our kids, because they grow up really fast and we want to give them some memories that they can really cherish and…

Maggie: Yes.

Kim: Even try with their own kids if they’re positive ones.

Maggie: Yes. And who, who doesn’t want to be a super mom for their kids?

The Unique Perspective of a Mom Who Plays Minecraft

Maggie: I mean, oh, and one other thing, I know that some moms may even have dads who play Minecraft with the kids already, but I have to say that if mom plays, it’s very different. We play differently, we are interested in different things, and that’s another reason to watch some of my long play videos.

Because I don’t play the way that Preston plays!

Or the other male Minecraft YouTubers. I’m not as interested in playing that way. I want to play in a way that makes me happy, contented, that is self care for me, and that’s something that I could I could help you to do and when you play with your kids, I have asked my boys before I said, so do you mind that I don’t fight very well in Minecraft and that you guys kind of have to do all that?

Cause I like, I just, I’m not good at that. And they’re like, no, we don’t mind at all. We just like to play with YOU.

Kim: Exactly.

Thank you again, Maggie. And we will talk to you.

Maggie: Thank you so much, Kim.

Kim: Bye for now.

Maggie: Bye bye.

I hope that this interview gave you some inspiration about how you can connect with your kids through Minecraft. If you need more help reach out to me and let’s connect!

Are your kids into Minecraft?

What kinds of conversations have you had about Minecraft and Real Life?

Let me know in the comments!


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