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In Episode 2 of my Cottage Witch Minecraft Modpack (No Talk) Longplay, I putter around a little bit in my new instant house from one of my favorite mods called PreFab then I go out resource hunting. Follow me as I wander around and find things that will make my cottage a home.

Welcome to my Long Play Minecraft Modpack series where I play HeyKatu’s modpack Cottage Witch with no commentary!

If you missed it, you can watch Episode 1 here.

About my Calm Crafting LongPlay Series

Welcome to a tranquil, meditative (and sometimes creepy) Minecraft journey in my Calm Crafting Longplay series!

In this unique series, we’ll explore one of my favorite modpacks, Cottage Witch by HeyKatu.

As a mom of three energetic boys with a busy schedule, creating videos with commentary has been a challenge. This series offers something different.

Join me in an exploration of this beautiful Minecraft modpack without commentary, where you can watch, learn, and unwind.

Minecraft for Self Care

Beyond gameplay, I want to share the importance of using Minecraft as a form of self-care.

In this fantasy sandbox game, I take a break from my roles as a mom, a mompreneur, a wife, a housekeeper, and more. Minecraft provides a space that’s not only creative and entertaining but also a relaxing, beautiful, and sometimes thrilling escape.

How I will Play

I will be playing this series the way that I like best which is Survival with bits of Creative scattered here and there.

Discover the joy of unguided play, the meditative world of Minecraft, and how it can be a delightful form of self-care in my Calm Crafting Long Play series.

Taking Minecraft Obsession to Connection with Our Minecraft-Loving Kids – sometimes by joining the obsession on your own terms πŸ˜‰

Additional Info

This video’s gameplay is from Minecraft Java Edition version 1.19.2.

Modpack & Mods


Music is from 1.19.2 Minecraft which is composed by C418 and Lena Raine as well as other composers. 

C418 is the composer of the original Minecraft music which you can purchase on his BandCamp page. His song β€œSweden” (found at 47:58) can be purchased in his album Minecraft Volume Alpha.


Complementary Shaders – Reimagined by

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