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Update December 21, 2023 : The Migration and Post Migration Periods have ENDED.

Note: This is the same article that I read in this post but it has Minecraft gameplay overlay on the original video footage. I created this version of the video for people who prefer to listen and watch Minecraft. Watch for a different style of video.


Hello Everyone. This is Maggie Estes of Mama Magpie MC. And I just wanted to get back to you because the last time I did a video, a couple of weeks back, Minecraft was, well, the Mojang migration period was coming to an end. So I was looking to see what happened. What is the result of this? So I found this article.

I missed my chance to migrate. What happens to my account?

I’m going to go over it with you. So it says, I missed my chance to migrate. What happens to my account? If you’ve missed your chance to migrate, you might have a few questions regarding what happens to your Minecraft Java Edition account. Please read on for more information. So, what happens to my Java Edition account?

To Continue Playing Minecraft

You no longer have access to your Java Edition account or Minecraft Java Edition. To continue playing Minecraft while you will have to buy… Minecraft, Java, and Bedrock Edition using a Microsoft account or successfully go through the post migration process. What happens to my worlds? Your single player Java worlds are stored on your hard drive, but you will not be able to play on them until you go through the post migration process or buy Minecraft Java Edition using a Microsoft account.

Your Worlds & Pets

Once you go through the post migration process, your worlds should be accessible with your new version of the game. However, any pets will not respond to your character, and you will have to retain them. That sounds like a bummer. Because you have a new Microsoft account, multiplayer worlds are a different story.

You will be joining these worlds as a new player, spawning in at the world’s default spawn point with no items. However, if you have a base with items in it, you can head there to regain your items and resume play. Well, that’s not all bad. It says note you will need to be re added to any server allow lists on your new account.

Your Capes, Skins & Username

What about my capes, skins, and username? Your capes and skins were tied to your previous Java edition account and are not recoverable, unfortunately. Usernames will not be released until a later date, but that means that those usernames will be released. So that is that’s the article. I missed my chance to migrate what happens to my account.

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