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Update December 21, 2023 : The Migration and Post Migration Periods have ENDED.

Did you or your child miss your chance to migrate your Mojang Java Edition Account for Minecraft? There are a couple of options left for you before your Java Account is lost forever. Read on below and watch my video where I read Minecraft’s article about Post-Migration FAQ’s – BTW My 12yo son helped me to edit this very long and detailed video 😉


Hello, Everyone. This is Maggie Estes of Mama Magpie MC. In today’s video, I want to read this article to you about the post migration process frequently asked questions. On September the 19th of 2023, Minecraft completed its Mojang migration to Microsoft. And I had created a video explaining that you needed to change your account.

Well, this is my response to what happened. The time period ended. And the last video that I shared was I missed my chance to migrate what happens to my account. (For a different version of the same article you can watch a little 1.20.2 Vanilla Minecraft gameplay while listening to the article in this alternate video)

Post-Migration Process FAQ’s

So today, I’m going to go over the Post Migration Process (Frequently Asked Questions) the FAQ. So, let’s start here. As detailed in previous help site and Minecraft. net articles, the deadline to migrate your Mojang account has passed. However, if you missed your chance to migrate your account by September 19th, 2023, you have one final option available. This article details everything you need to know about the post migration process.

In This Article

And it tells you…

  • I missed my chance to migrate. What now?
  • What do I do if I haven’t received my email confirmation code?
  • Can I complete the post migration process with a Microsoft account that already owns Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Minecraft Java Edition?
  • Additional post migration questions, like… Why did users need to migrate?
  • What happens to my capes, skins, username, and other content?
  • What about my Java worlds?
  • Will I get a migrator cape through the post migration process?
  • And what do I gain from going through the post migration process?

I Missed my Chance to Migrate, What Now?

So, I missed my chance to migrate. What now? You might have been wondering this if you missed your chance. So while you’ve missed the chance to migrate your Mojang account, we still want you to enjoy Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition.

Through the following process, we’re providing you with one more chance to play. While you won’t be able to keep your skin’s process or Java profile name, you can complete the following post migration process before December 18th of 2023 to experience Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition for PC with a Microsoft account.

What that says to me is it sounds like you’re not going to be able to, in the future, you’re only going to be able to get one or the other. That is what it implies to me.

Next Steps to Take

1. Log in with your Mojang account email address here. And there is a link to click on.

2. Click on the Verify Mojang Account Email address button, enter your Mojang account, email address. Next click get code and a code will be sent to your Mojang email. Enter the code.

3. Enter a Microsoft account, email address. This email address can be from a new or existing Microsoft account that you own. Click submit request. Be very careful that you are using the proper email address because if it gets lost, it gets lost.

4. Check the box next to I understand that my Mojang account will be deactivated. Double check that the Microsoft account email displayed is correct, which they say again, yes, please double check that.

5. Click finish.

6. Receive an email confirming that we’ve granted your Microsoft account an entitlement to Microsoft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

7. Download the free Minecraft launcher through either Minecraft. net or the Microsoft Store.

This article, there’s a link, provides more details on how to download the launcher.

8.Log into your Microsoft account through the launcher and check that you have access to both Java and Bedrock.

Note, child accounts will need assistance from their parent accounts to complete this process. Don’t let your kids do this alone. That’s what that says.

As migration is now over, Minecraft support will no longer assist with any migration related tickets. What do I do if I haven’t received my email confirmation code?

What do I do if Haven’t Received my Email Confirmation Code?

If you’ve requested a code to your Mojang account email address, but still haven’t received your verification code, please wait. Up to 10 minutes and check your spam and trash folders. If you haven’t received your code after 10 minutes, please go back to step 2 and click get code. Basically do it again.

Can I Complete the Post-Migration Process with a Microsoft Account that Already owns Minecraft: Bedrock Edition or Minecraft: Java Edition?

You cannot complete the post migration process with a Microsoft account that already owns either Bedrock or Java edition. Each account needs to have its own email, its own separate email.

Note, they say, in rare cases, you might be able to complete the post migration process with a Microsoft account that already owns one version of Minecraft. But generally, they say that. Who knows what the rare cases are? But it is better to have a separate email, Microsoft email per account.

Additional Post Migration Questions

Please read on to address any additional questions you may have.

Why did Users Need to Migrate?

As detailed in our Java Migration Frequently Asked Questions. There’s a link. Players need to migrate to a Microsoft account to enjoy increased account security and new safety features while playing Minecraft.

And this was for people who had Java edition before, I believe it was October 2020.

What happened to my Capes, Skins, Username, and Other Content?

Any capes, skins, and other content tied to your Mojang account will be deleted. That’s a bummer, but… And usernames will not be released until a later date, but they wouldn’t say that if they weren’t going to release them.

So, that’s a good thing.

Note, if you choose not to go through the post migration process, your account will be deleted along with your personal information at a later date.

If you would like to request immediate deletion of your personal information, please contact Minecraft support. An additional note, we will need to verify ownership of your account before deleting your personal information.

How you will prove that, I do not know at this moment.

What about my Java Worlds?

Your single player java worlds are stored on your hard drive and should be accessible with your new version of the game. However, any pets will not respond to your character and you will have to retain them. And also, don’t forget that you’ll have to be playing the same version of the game as that world.

That’s just a little reminder. But, about Java worlds, because if you have a new Minecraft, Microsoft account, multi player worlds are a different story. You will be joining these worlds as a new player, spawning at the world’s default spawn point with no items. However, if you have a base with items in it, you can head there to regain your items and resume play.

Note, you will need to be re added to any server allow lists on your new account. So,

What do I Gain from going through the Post Migration Process?

The post migration process provides you a new license for Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition for PC on a Microsoft account of your choice.

Whether or not you choose to continue the Minecraft journey with us, We appreciate the time you spent in our game before the migration period ended. So, that is the page, the article on post migration process FAQs.

So that wraps up this article on the post migration process FAQs for Minecraft. Go ahead and head to the link in this description to go to this article if you need to go through the post migration process. Okay? So, if you found this video helpful, please like this video, comment, and share it, and subscribe to my channel. Let’s take Minecraft Obsession to Connection, and I’ll see you next time.

Did you have to go through this post migration process?

Let me know in the comments!

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