2nd Life Copper Spiral Talisman


Upcycled Copper Spiral Talisman Pendant on black waxed cord with a round Carnelian counterweight.


Have you noticed some repeating patterns in your life?

Every choice you make is yours. Every failure is a lesson – even if that failure hurts at the time – and it is helping to make you the person you are today.


Spirals are part of the natural fabric of Nature, Mother Earth and our Universe.


This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Copper Spiral Talisman is made from upcycled electrical wire. I make each Talisman while ruminating on the beauty of our individual spiral paths.

I finish my pendants with a Carnelian bead to add love to the journey, because Carnelian is all about LOVE!


These pendants have a front and a back. I usually show them going clockwise (front) but you can choose to wear them counterclockwise according to how you feel and what you prefer.

If you are drawn to spirals and Carnelian check out my Carnelian Copper Spiral Talismans too!


Handcrafter’s Note:

Each of my Copper Spiral Talismans are handcrafted and unique. I work-harden them for strength, but the right catch with enough force can unwind them. Life is a beautiful and delicate thing but we must live nonetheless and revel in it!


I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a Jane-of-All-Trades. Any claims that I make are based on my own research, experience and intuition.
I encourage you to do your own research to find your own answers.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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