Marquise Carnelian Spiral Talisman Necklace – Swirl


This clever, handcrafted Marquise Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman can be worn either with the large spiral, or the Carnelian stone, facing front depending on your mood. Either way, the Carnelian and the copper spiral touch your skin.

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Marquise Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman | Double-Sided | Pendant

Are you looking for balance? Inspiration? Positivity? Help with awakening your inner talents and adroitness? Protection from negativity? Help with trusting and loving yourself and recognizing natural cycles that you are a part of?

If so then Carnelian may be the stone for you!

If you are on a difficult path, feeling disconnected or beginning a new creative endeavor, then my Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman might be what you are looking for.

Upcycled copper and warm, loving Carnelian are a powerful combination. I wear them myself to help me persist in this beautiful journey of being a Mompreneur.

This clever, handcrafted Marquise Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman can be worn either with the large spiral, or the Carnelian stone, facing front depending on your mood. Either way, the Carnelian and the copper spiral touch your skin.

The black cotton cord is adjustable with three Carnelian beads completing your Carnelian encirclement.



  • 46mm Carnelian Coin Bead
  • Upcycled Copper
  • 2mm Black Waxed Cotton Cord
  • 12mm Round Carnelian Bead
  • 3mm Carnelian Heishi Beads
  • Love ❤️


A Note on Carnelian’s Metaphysical Properties:

Carnelian has MANY reported metaphysical properties; so many that I chose only to name the ones that consistently vibrate with me. A few more important ones are that it:
– allows us to accept natural life cycles and to see ourselves in them
– is tied to feminine fertility, sexuality and health and it reminds us of the feminine creative life force of both our ancestors and ourselves (fertility can be both physical and creative)
– cleanses negativity from other stones and ourselves

Please do your own research about Carnelian. Lay hands on the stone itself to feel what is most significant to you.


Comparison of the Marquise Carnelian Copper Spiral vs Carnelian Copper Spiral Talismans:

The Marquise Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman is created using a marquise Carnelian bead, which means that it has an pointy ended elliptical shape whereas the Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman is made with a Carnelian coin bead.

Handcrafter’s Note:

Each of my Reversible Carnelian Copper Spiral Talismans are handcrafted and one of a kind. I work-harden them for strength but the right catch with enough force can unwind them. Life is a beautiful and delicate thing but we must live nonetheless and revel in it!


I am not a doctor or medical practitioner. I am a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur and a Jane-of-All-Trades. Any claims that I make are based on my own research, experience and intuition.
I encourage you to do your own research to find your own answers.


About Our Copper:

All of my thick copper is upcycled from electrical wiring. I call this wire 2nd Life Copper since it is reused. The finer copper wire (20ga) is purchased on a spool.

All of our copper wire is uncoated and will age and darken in color naturally.

I actually prefer the aged color over the new penny pink of how it starts. The change in color reminds me of natural cycles of which we are all a part.

Copper can color skin due to the salts in our sweat.

Water and especially chlorine will oxidize copper faster so take your jewelry off before washing dishes, bathing or swimming.

Copper is scientifically proven to be antimicrobial and antibacterial – but I do not recommend putting your jewelry on any wounds. There are other claims of health benefits but the science community has yet to prove any of them. You can do your own research to find out more.

Caution: Stop using if any irritation occurs.

How to Clean Your Copper Jewelry

Lemon / Lime / Vinegar + Salt Recipe: (Caution: may damage semi-precious stones!)
Note: I have successfully cleaned my Carnelian Copper Spiral Talisman’s with this recipe.

Lemon / Lime (strained) or Vinegar
Glass Bowl

Mix some lemon/lime/vinegar juice and salt in a glass bowl. Put your copper jewelry in the mixture and let it sit and watch as it lightens. Scrub your jewelry with a little more salt if necessary then rinse with water and dry.

Soft Brass Brush

You can also use a soft brass brush to clean your copper jewelry. Brush back and forth until clean, taking care not to unwind the spiral.

Jewelry Polishing Cloth
Rub with polishing cloth until the copper spiral shines. Note: You may not want to use a cloth on copper that you use for more precious metals.


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Size Chart

Cord Note: The cord is adjustable by tying it to the preferred length in the back. If you require a longer cord than the standard 30" then tell me in a comment with your order.

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