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Business Buddy - Never search for links again!

Business Buddy FREE Trello Board Template

This indispensable tool stores all your vital business information, from brand colors to product links, in one convenient Trello board created by Alex Tempest. Ideal for small business owners, virtual assistants, and social media marketers.

2 Project Focus Planning Pages, one light bly one yellow, on a white wooden slat background with stylized coffee from overhead and a pen.

Project Focus Planning Pages FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS

My Project Focus Planning Pages give you everything you need to break down your project so that you can get it done!

  • Spaces for you to name your top 3 goals
  • A list to breakdown your goals into bite-sized tasks
  • A list for the project components
  • A section for what not to forget
  • A section for notes/sketches

Progress NOT Perfection Editorial Planner

What if there was a planner that not only helped you to get more done by breaking up your important goals into bite-sized tasks but was also beautiful to look at and had monthly coloring pages to spark creativity?

Enter my editorial planner Progress NOT Perfection!

Let these words be your guide to simplifying your life and business so that you can take more confident steps and beat analysis paralysis.

AI Tools


ChatGPT is one of the biggest, most well known and widespread of the AI platforms.

It has a FREE version and a paid one. Use it as a copywriting assistant while you create content, products, social media posts, social media strategies, live video scripts and much much more.

AI Twin Creation Workshop – Infuse Your Unique Personality into ChatGPT

So you want to use ChatGPT but you’re tired of sounding like a robot?

Enter Cathi Tarbox (CT) and her AI Twin Workshop!

  • Train AI To Sound Like You

  • Echo Your Unique Voice & Writing Style

  • Create a Digital Assistance To Save Time & Money

With her  assistance she will help you to compile all of the important information about you, your values, your voice, writing style, business, etc… so that when you ask ChatGPT for assistance it sounds more like you so that you don’t have to spend as much time editing afterwards.

Working with CT will fast track your ability to use AI. She will take you beyond what you could possibly do researching by yourself because she loves AI and is always learning more about it. When you meet with her she will happily apply her exciting breakthroughs to your business.

For anyone who is using AI as a Copy Assistant, this is a MUST HAVE service that saves you so much valuable time.

Note: Make sure to let CT know that Maggie Estes referred you in the place provided. Thank you!

Business Starting Tools

Digital Courses

3 Types Of People Are Replacing Their Income With A Digital Course – Are You One of Them? FREE QUIZ

This 2-minute Quiz from Amy Porterfield, digital course expert, will reveal if you are already sitting on serious digital course potential (which I’m sure you are 😉) + how to start from there.

Digital Course Academy

The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching and selling your digital course!

Learn how to create a digital course about something that you already know how to do and others want to learn from my digital course mentor Amy Porterfield.

She will teach you everything that you need to know to create, launch, and improve your digital course and then how to do it again to increase your course’s value and reach.

Low-Content Book Creation

3 Steps to Publishing Your First Low-Content Book in Less Than a Day FREE PDF Guide

Delve into the world of low-content books with this free guide by Rachel Harrison-Sund, who has successfully built a six-figure passive income stream through self-publishing.

Learn what low-content books are and how to create your own in three simple steps.

3 Secrets to a Wildly Successful Low-Content Publishing Business  FREE MASTERCLASS

Join Rachel Harrison-Sund to explore vital steps, book descriptions, and mindset essentials for success in low-content publishing.

Perfect for anyone looking to start their own low-content publishing business.

Low Content Profits Academy

Rachel Harrison-Sund guides you through creating a passive income low-content publishing business.

This course covers research, design, creation, publishing, and promotion of customized low-content books in easy bite-sized lessons.

Email List Building

FREE MASTERCLASS + BONUS Inbox Money: How To Monetize An Email List In 4 Easy Steps (Even if you’re starting from zero!) save MY SEAT! With an image of a Caucasian woman with long brown hair smiling from behind a desk with a laptop on it bordered by a pastel mint green box.


Inbox Money: How To Monetize An Email List In 4 Easy Steps

Dive into the world of email marketing with Amy Porterfield!

Learn how to create a compelling lead magnet, generate engaging content, and design lead magnets that leave your audience craving more.

Amy, a trusted business mentor, offers this masterclass for free.

List Builders Society What if you could start building the right audience today… and every single day after that? Text with an image of a smiling Caucasian woman in a white sweater with long brown hair.

List-Builder’s Society

“What if you could start building the right audience today… and every single day after that?”

That is the question Amy Porterfield asks and answers with her proven email list building system.

With this course you’ll learn to grow your business, reach your ideal customers, and generate more revenue through the power of an email list.

Video Strategy

Build & Grow Your YouTube Channel Without Becoming A Dancing Monkey FREE WEBCLASS

Elise Michelle, owner of My Scheduled Biz, shares how to use YouTube effectively to build a massive following and get your videos in front of the right audience.

Learn how to please the algorithm and make the most of YouTube.

YouTube Launch Party: Share Your Passion with the World Launch (or Fix) Your YouTube Channel

Showcase your unique coaching skills, services, or e-commerce business on YouTube.

This platform offers massive reach and powerful marketing capabilities.

Launch or improve your YouTube channel today.

🫣 YouTube Exposed: Crack the Code🧬, Unlock the Cash💰

Aren’t you ready to craft videos that don’t suck so that you can stop wasting time on content garbage that doesn’t sell? And instead MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE?

Gain the confidence and competence to create and manage a successful YouTube channel that doesn’t just attract viewers, but builds a loyal community.