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Are you or your kids new to Minecraft Java Edition?

Do you know how to start a new world in Minecraft?

Watch my easy, bite-sized, Minecraft Tutorial and learn how to start a new world in Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition!

How to Start a New World In Minecraft in 1.19 by Mama Magpie MC (formerly known as Magpie Craft 101)


Hello Everyone! This is Mama Magpie of Magpie Craft 1 0 1 (aka Maggie Estes now of Mama Magpie MC). Welcome to my new series, Minecraft Gems: Precious Tidbits to Help You Succeed in Minecraft. Today we are going to Start a New World.

Now it is time to name your world.

Choose a mode. Survival is the most common way to play. Hardcore is like survival, but it is the [00:01:00] most difficult and you only have one life. Creative has unlimited resources, free flying, and you can destroy blocks instantly, which is great for building. Survival’s the one I’m gonna choose. Search for resources, craft, gain levels, health and hunger.

You can choose normal, hard, peaceful, which means there’s no, no monsters trying to kill you. Easy. Which means there are monsters trying to kill you, but they’re not trying as hard. But I’m gonna go with normal today. I like to allow cheats because I like to go from survival to creative so that I can make awesome bases (and houses) and fly.

That’s pretty good too.

You can go through this list and choose. Choose any of these (gamerule options). My favorite one is to keep inventory after death because I don’t like to lose my inventory.

More world options. That’s on. The generate structures is on. World type: Default, Super Flat, Large Biomes, Amplified, Single Biome.

I’m just going to go with Default and roll the dice.

Create a new world.

Hooray! It’s my new world.

Got to give it a minute and see what’s around.

Thanks for joining me on Minecraft Gems: Precious Tidbits to Help You Succeed in Minecraft. See you next time.

Whoa! Where did this Minecraft stuff come from?

It is taking me a little while to begin shifting my business from handmade products to teaching Mom’s how to connect with their kids through Minecraft but I am finally making progress – Hooray!

This is my very first video / blog post on my website. More are coming soon…

Maggie Estes of Mother Makings & Mama Magpie MC

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